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The Growing Project

The Growing Project is a transformative community programme using art making, gardening, cooking and simply being together as a way of offering support and friendship to people passing through difficult times. Our project partners include organisations who support vulnerably-housed people and those experiencing crisis.

Together with artists, gardeners and chefs we work compassionately to facilitate weekly sessions with a variety of groups. Utilising Psychologically Informed Environments and Trauma Informed Care training we’re able to meet people where they are at in a non-authoritative environment.

Through The Growing Project, people have said they feel more connected to others and are offered space for their own expression. The project builds community connections that may not have existed before and we’re extremely proud of the work we achieve together each week. Our methodology is to create space for peoples’ varied and sometimes complex needs, where productivity is not the driving force. Instead gardening is about being outside with plants and wildlife, art-making is about trying new things and building confidence and cooking is about the enjoyment of sharing and eating together.

The Harvest Picnic, Minerva Works, Birmingham, September 2023. Image by Nina Bailie.